400 Job Opportunities at NSSF

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The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) is the government agency of Tanzania responsible for the collection, safekeeping, responsible investment, and distribution of retirement funds of all employees in all sectors of the Tanzania economy that do not fall under the governmental pension schemes.

The headquartersare located in Kivukoni ward of Ilala District of Dar es Salaam Region. There are one other pension fund organizations in the country; the Public Services Social Security(PSSSF). Fund for all employees working directly under the government and for all employees working under governmental Parastatal organization.

National Social Security Fund (NSSF) as part of our commitment to encourage growth and development within the Fund, we are excited to announce 392 internal job opportunities available for all Fund’s employees with specific task contracts. Only candidates who are in specific task contract term within the Fund should apply. the Fund encourages employees, both male and female, who believe have the skills and qualification needed for any of the listed job opportunities to apply. the candidates will be selected from the list of the self-driven and qualified professionals with high level of integrity.

400 Job Opportunities at NSSF

On behalf of NSSF we are Looking for Qualified candidates to fill announced job vacancies, Read full advert in PDF File below:-


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