How to connect firestick to wifi without remote, 2023

This tutorial will teach you How to connect firestick to wifi without a remote step by step. The methods explained in this article were collected from a different source and will work in all firestick such as Amazon firestick, Firestick lie, firestick cube, and others firestick devices.


Those firestick now days was very helpful and portable to carry, and it’s very popular since it was introduced in technology industry. Also this firestick it’s easy to set up but after buying it, you need more information from supply .

If you connect firestick to the Wi-Fi network for the first time, it recommended to set up fore new Wi-Fi option. Connecting new Wi-Fi to firestick it is like smartphone connection of hotspot the same procedures.

How to connect firestick to wifi without remote

Many of you ask what if you forget your remote, this can happen at any time the Good news is you can still connect your firestick to wi-fi without a remote. Read those steps below…

By use HDMI-CEC to connect firestick to Wi-Fi

The consume Electronic Control [CEC] it’s a function of the HDMI that allow a single remote to operate multiple HDMI devices. This allow devices that connected to Tv through the HDMI to communicate with the TV.

That HDMI-CEC allows you to connect many devices and firestick it’s among them. But to use HDMI-CEC with your Firestick you need to have a universal remote because that universal remote works with many devices including firestick.

Those universal remote you can buy from amazon or Alibaba. If you use new model tv your current remote will work, you don’t need to buy another remote.

How to connect firestick to wifi without remote by using fire TV App on smartphone

Those first method that explained was so difficult you need to have knowledge of electrical education or technical knowledge in order to complete.

But here i will explain easy and simplest way to connect firestick to wifi without remote with your Mobile smartphone.

  • From your Smartphone Connect wireless hotspot use same SSID and password from firestick.
  • On your second smartphone Open PlayStore or Appstore download Official firestick TV App
  • Connect the smartphone to the hotspot you created on your first smartphone.
  • Now connect the firestick to the TV.

The second smartphone can be used as remote control with the firestick.


Make sure you follow all steps provided above for better results, in the case of any inquiries you can contact your firestick supply for more assistance and a Guide.

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