Job Opportunities at Nsimbo District Council

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Nsimbo District Council was established in accordance with Law number 7 of Local Government Authorities of 2002, Article number 8 and 9 and announced through Government Announcement number 361 on December 23, 2012 and officially started on July 1, 2013.

This council was established from the mother council of Mpanda District which was in Rukwa Region before where after the separation, Nsimbo and Mlele Councils were born.

Nsimbo District Council is bordered by Council 3. On the North side it is bordered by Urambo District Council located in Tabora Region, on the North West and South West it is bordered by Mpanda District Council, on the West side it is bordered by Mpanda Municipality, on the other side In the south, Nsimbo is bordered by Sumbawanga District located in Rukwa Region, where in the East and South East it is bordered by Mlele District.

Job Opportunities at Nsimbo District Council

The District is inviting applications from Tanzanians to fill new vacancies. READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT BELOW:


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